A huge thanks to everyone who showed up on our gig on Trondheim Metal Fest. We had a blast. You can watch some pictures on the official website http://trondheimmetalfest.no/media/pictures/

Here are some reviews of MAJALIS debut EP “Cathodic Black”. Thanks for the words. Do you miss a review in the list below? Do not hesitate to publish it as a comment or enlighten us on Facebook.

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Our drummer Jonas had a chat with Time for Metal. Read the interview here.

Dalarnas Tidningar came by and made an interview while we rehearsed before the first ever live show. Read it here (in swedish only)

At last, the debut EP “Cathodic Black” is available on Spotify.

Majalis will do their world premiere gig at the festival Gamrocken (Ludvika) on August 2nd at stage 2 21.00. Mark your calendar!


At last, we can announce that our debut EP “Cathodic Black” now is available on iTunes.

Available on iTunes

Unfortunately due to some miscommunication between pressing plants and distributors we still haven’t received any copies of the EP ourselves and some sites have set the release to July 12. Digital services seems delayed as well. More info will come in short.

We are proud to present the cover art for our coming debut EP! The EP will be called “Cathodic Black” and it will be released later this year by Pulverised Records.

Track listing:
1. Rusting Sun
2. Altar
3. Tooth And Bone